Arrival & Dismissal

Students are not to arrive at school before 8:30am. Students must stay on the blacktop in full sight of the supervising teacher. Students may not play in the fenced playground area prior to the start of the school day. SCB is not liable for student safety/accidents prior to 8:30am.

Students are expected to be in their designated lines on the playground by 8:35am. Students arriving after 8:35am must be dropped off at the Warner Street entrance. Students will be marked tardy if not in their classroom by 8:45am. Three tardies in a quarter will result in a detention. Repeated, unexcused tardiness may result in disciplinary action beyond detention. Should an emergency arise that will cause tardiness, please notify the school.

All students will be dismissed at 3:00pm. Bus students will wait in the MPR for their shuttle bus to Hampshire Middle School, where they will board their route buses.  For the safety of all children, please remind them to stay on the sidewalk between the church and school until a parent arrives. At 3:05pm all children that have not yet been picked up will need to be subsequently signed out and picked up from the after school care program. Students/parents are not permitted to retrieve forgotten items in the classrooms after 3:10pm.

Should your child's after school transportation arrangements differ from their usual routine, please send a note to your child's teacher. All efforts will be made to assist with these requests. Last minute changes can be called in but need to be received before 2:30pm.