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The St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School athletic program is designed to promote Christian values and attitudes through team and competitive participation. Our athletes respect and appreciate their God given gifts and talents as well as those of others. Our athletes represent not only themselves, but also their parents, our school, and community.

Athletic Activities
(Providing adequate participation and qualified volunteer coaches are available.)

Basketball (boys and girls) Grades 5-8
Girls Volleyball Grades 5-8
Cross-Country (boys and girls) Grades 4-8
(Eligibility may be extended to fourth grade students as needed.)

Participation Requirements
1. Students participating in a sport will usually play with the respective grade team. However circumstances may arise for an athlete to 'play up'. This will be done with permission from the Athletic Board, parents and principal. A player may never play down.
2. An Athletic Fee will be paid by the family of the athlete. The fee is $40 for the first student/1st sport or a family max of $65 for all sports and athletes in one family.
3. A minimum $50.00 charge will apply for any unreturned or damaged sports uniforms.
4. All players must have a current physical on file with the Athletic Board before ANY participation is allowed.
5. A player must have a signed parent's permission slip on file with the Athletic Board before any participation is allowed.
6. A player cannot play in a game or be at a practice if they have been absent, excused or unexcused, from school unless they are given permission by the principal.
7. Athletes who are absent due to illness on Friday may participate on the weekend, if they have parent and coach permission.
8. Any student excused from P.E. class will be ineligible for sports until a medical written release is received by the coach.
9. Detentions are not an excused absence.
10. To be recognized as a participant of any sport, a student must complete the entire season including tournaments. In extreme situations the Athletic Board and principal may rule differently.