Calendar Sale

Since 1984, the calendar sale has been one of our largest fund raisers for the school. 100% of the profits from this fund raiser directly benefit the school.

Each year, SCB prints and sells 2000 calendars. The donor receives the calendar and is entered into all 365 cash drawings for that year. Daily cash prizes are $50. There are eleven drawings for $100, fifteen drawings for $200 and and two for $1000. A winner's name is resubmitted for all future drawings. Remember, only 2,000 calendars printed and sold.

Each school family is required to buy or sell 15 calendars (or pay a fee) as part of their tuition agreement. This is the ONLY mandatory fund raiser. You can also choose to sell more than your original 15. This is optional. We have some families that sell between 20 -100 additional calendars. We also have many other people in the parish and in the area that sell these calendars for us. For every 10 sold after your original 15, a prize calendar is earned.

When all 2000 calendars are sold, we make approximately $30,000 for our school!

If you have any questions, you may contact Jeanie Mayer at 847-683-.