Catechist Bio's

Catechist Biographies:  Our Catechists 2016/17

Kim Alberth - Confirmation/Youth Ministry/Sub
Kim has been a catechist for 14 years, and has taught grades. 2, 4 and 6. Kim is part of the Youth Ministry Team and Confirmation Coordinator, working with teens in grades 6 - 12. She states, "I enjoy working with kids, especially teens, teaching about the Catholic faith. I have learned more about my faith by teaching, especially when I have them asking challenging questions."

Janel Sullivan Grade 3 (Assistant)

Enjoying this first year of ministry with the children.

Mary Cano  Grade 8 - Wednesday (Substitute)

Mary has been a catechist for 11 years and a classroom aide for 3 years. She has also worked on the Kindergarten, 4th and 7th grade levels. She states, "I love to share my faith and to tell others of the goodness of Our Lord and about the importance of the life-giving sacraments He has left us within the Church." 

Erin Davis Grade 1 

This is Erin's  second year in the classroom for first grade and she so enjoys being with the children and is an awesome teacher.

Lori DeDina  Grade 2 - Wednesday 
Lori is our second grade catechist and has served as a classroom aide and substitute catechist in the 5th grade. She states, "I have always had a passion to teach children. I feel now is a good time to share the love I have for my faith with our children. My children are grown and are making a difference in teaching, so I have time to spend with your children, to share my love for God."

Alex Dumoulin Grade 4 - Sunday

Alex is a returning catechist and also is a DRE Assistant. Watch out for Alex, she is a powerful catechist.

Becky Dumoulin  Grade 5 - Sunday
This is Becky's fifth year as a catechist, and she has served as a classroom aide for one year on the 4th grade level. She states, "I want to help the kids learn more about their faith and help them to grow stronger with Christ."

Jenny Dumoulin  Grade 5 - Sunday
Jen has served as a catechist for fifth years and as a classroom aide for one year on the 4th grade level. She states, "I want to help kids learn more about their faith and help them to gain a better relationship with God."

Mike Dumoulin  Grade 8 - Wednesday
Mike has been a catechist for 20+ years, and has taught only on the 8th grade level. He states, "I thought both Pat and I might be able to help out. Pat and Deb Hilbrich are the reason we started. They spoke at Church one Sunday, and since then we've helped out."

Nikki Dumoulin  Grade 3 - Sunday (Assistant)
This is Nikki's fourth year in the religious education program.  She will be assisting the 3rd grade catechist.

Michelle Dumoulin Grade 4 - Sunday

Michelle is a returning catechist and teaches with Alex, they are a dynamic duo!

Pat Dumoulin  Grade 8 - Wednesday
Pat has been a catechist for 20+ years, all on the 8th grade level. He states, "Somebody asked a long time ago and I have done it for years because I think I get as much out of it as the kids do. Sometimes I learn more from them than I can believe."

Rachel Dumoulin Grade Kindergarten - Sunday

This is Rachel's third year and she is is a joy to watch as she teaches the children.

Tricia Dumoulin  Grade 3 - Sunday 

Tricia has been a classroom aide in the 5th grade.  This is Tricia's fourth year, she will be catechizing the 3rd grade class and is very excited to have the opportunity.

Bill Goad  Grade 8 - Sunday 

This is Bill's fourth year as a co-catechist with his wife Mary Goad. They teach together in the 8th grade classroom.

Mary Goad  Grade 8 - Sunday
Mary is in her fourth year as a catechist, but has served as a classroom aide for two years. She writes, "I enjoy very much sharing my faith with others in hopes that they will learn and share with others. It is an honor to help out and do God's will. Thank you for the opportunity."

Magge Goad Grade Kindergarten - Sunday

This is Maggie's third year and you can see the enjoyment she has for teaching.

Mike Hahn - substitute catechist  
Mike has been a catechist for 13 years, all on the 5th grade level. He states, "Teaching children about Jesus' love is the most valuable learning a person can have. It adds to the quality of their life to know why they are alive and who God is through the history and teachings of the Catholic Church. I gain so much being involved with these kids.

Nick Jerger Grade 7 (Assistant)

Nick is serving his third year as an assistant and is a joy to have in the classroom and program.

Ron Kozanecki  Grade 7 - Sunday
Ron has been a catechist for a total of 14 years, and has also taught on the 1st and 3rd grade levels. He writes, "I enjoy and I like opening children's eyes to our faith. I feel I get back as much as I give."

Lisa Kozanecki Grade 3 - Wednesday

Lisa is a returning catechist. She taught for many years and has returned to the 3rd grade. She is back into her second year co-teaching.

Katie McMillan  Grade 4 - Wednesday

Katie has been a catechist for 9 years, and has also taught on the 3rd grade level and substituted on the 5th & 6th grade levels. She states, "I feel it is important to share my love for the Lord with the children of our Church. I believe religious education classes should be something all our students want to go to."

Kay Nelson  - Substitute Catechist and Sacraments for Older Children

Kay has been a catechist for 34 years and has taught almost every grade, most recently the SOS for Teens program. She writes, "I love my faith, I love kids, and I love to teach, so being a catechist is the perfect ministry for me. I love my relatively new challenge teaching RCIC - many different age levels and backgrounds."

Len Oleferchik  Grade 2 - Wednesday

Len has been a catechist for 8 years and is now teaching in the 2nd grade. He has also taught on the 5th through 7th grade levels. He states, "I believe we are all called to teach the faith in whatever way we can, especially to the children."

Nick Oleferchik - Wednesday 

Nick is back to teach the 6th grade! 

Ray Oleferchik  All grades - Sunday (Substitute)
Ray has been a catechist for 5 years and has worked with the 1st, 3rd, and 5th grade levels. He states, "I want to share my faith with others - gifts we receive must be shared."

Jan Olson   Coordinator of Religious Education
Jan became involved with religious education while living in Florida where she taught the 4th and 5th grades.  Upon moving to Hampshire, she taught in a variety of grade levels in the R/E program, most recently as a substitute for the Catechumenate for Children program and Confirmation Coordinatore. Jan is now the DRE.

Mike Palazzolo  Grade 1 - Sunday

This is Mike's fifthyear as a catechist. He has worked as a classroom aide for 1 year on the 7th grade level. He states, "I am serving because I want to spread the faith of God to young kids."

Susan Wiland  Grade 2 - Wednesday

This is Susan's 6th year as a catechist. Susan is our 2nd grade catechist and states, "It is my way to give back to the Lord to celebrate all of the wonderful blessings He has given me."

Denise Wojtal  Grades 3-5 - Sunday (Substitute) and Sacraments out of Sequence
Denise has been a catechist for 16 years, teaching also on the 8th grade level. This year Denise taught our SOS program for grades 3-5. She writes, "I love to share my love of God and our Church with the children of the parish. I always learn from the children, also."