Catholic Order of Foresters

CoF logoThe Catholic Order of Foresters (C.O.F.) started as the Illinois Catholic Order of Foresters on May 24, 1883 in Chicago. The object of the organization is to promote friendship, unity and true Christian charity among its members: friendship in assisting one another by every honorable means; unity in associating together for mutual support of one another when in distress; true Christian charity in doing unto one another as they would have others do unto them; and to provide them with death benefits and financial security through life insurance.

The Illinois Catholic Order of Foresters changed the name of the organization to the Catholic Order of Foresters on June 4, 1889, and then became a nationwide fraternal organization. The Hampshire Court 729 was started on Sept. 18, 1897 with nineteen members.

The Foresters was an organization for men and boys until 1952, when women and girls were invited to join. At the present time, Court 729 has a membership of 938, with members in almost every state of the union. Through the years, Court 729 has provided the parochial school with many athletic supplies, such as uniforms and equipment for the basketball program, until the athletic association was formed. We currently provide the trophies for the tournaments each year.

We have just celebrated our 110th year of the Hampshire Court and like many organizations, we have a good membership. But like so many other groups, we need some younger members to come to the meetings which are usually held on the first Monday of each month. We need young members to take an active part in the organization and hopefully, become officers. The majority of our officers are retired and would like to step down and allow the younger generation to take over. We want to keep the court active because of the many benefits available to its members and to the school.....especially the school, which has been the primary recipient of our donations since the start of the school in 1928.

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