Curriculum Gr. K-8


The Catechetical mission of the Diocese of Rockford is infused with the teachings of Jesus Christ as expressed in Catholic faith and tradition.  Through a variety of methods, students are encouraged to recognize and grow in their relationship with God within the Church.  Catechetical programs and experiences offer students opportunities to encounter Jesus Christ within the Catholic community, provide them with instruction in Catholic doctrine, and challenge them to develop a Catholic lifestyle with serves God, Church, and world. 

The Diocese of Rockford takes seriously the sacred duty of catechesis and the inalienable right of students to receive the whole of Catholic teachings from those who teach in the name of Jesus Christ. 

The Rockford Diocese religion curriculum guide for grades PreK-8 is grounded in the basic truths of the Catholic faith presented in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).  If your children have achieved perfect attendance, then they have spent approximately 40 hours of the year in a religious education classroom, learning as much as can be covered in that timeframe.  During the remaining 8,720 hours in a year, the children turn to their parents to guide them in their faith formation.  Families should be familiar with the diocesan guidelines and encouraged to support them at home. 

To review the religion curriculum guidelines for the Diocese of Rockford, go to this link:   Under the Religious Education & Youth Ministry tab, scroll down to Religion Curriculum. 

      *   The Standards per grade level are underlined in purple

     *   In red and blue is the Chastity and Safe Environment program.  This is part of the curriculum, not an add-on. 

      *  At the end of each grade level are the Prayers they are to know and pray.  The prayers listed under Experience are those to which should be prayed within the family. 

Parents have an important role in catechesis through our parent handbook, parent meetings, and communication between the DRE, catechists, classroom and home.  In addition, spending time each week reviewing the lesson covered in the classroom and preparing for the next lesson, is an invaluable way for you to discover how your child is growing in his/her faith awareness and sharing this journey with them! 

Students use OSV - Our Sunday Visitor's Allelu Program. Each week the children learn about God's love through Scripture stories and will bring home a discussion placemat for the family. 

1st Grade - 8th Grade

Students will be using the Faith and Life Series by Ignatius Press.  

Beginning in fourth grade, boys and girls are invited to consider the ministry of altar server.


2nd Grade Sacraments

Sacramental preparation for second graders will also be using the Faith and Life Series by Ignatius Press.

Sacrament of Confirmation

Sacramental preparation for ninth graders wil be using CHOSEN by Ascension Press.   The program's textbook tackles Why we are Here - Where we are Going - Who is Mary - Why do I have to go to Mass. This is an interactive experience with DVD's and well trained Catechists. Sponsors are to attend the 9 sessions held from September through May.  

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Christian Chastity and Safe Environment Program

This program has been established for use in the Rockford Diocese and is required to be taught yearly to all students in grades K through 8. All parishes and schools are to provide formation for children in the areas of safety and the integrity of their persons. Information, and the opportunity to opt-out of this program, is available at the Parent Orientation meeting on the first day of classes.

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Special Children

Special children are important members of our parish family. If you child has special developmental, emotional or physical needs, please contact the Religious Education Office. We will work closely with you to provide them with opportunities to learn how precious they are to God and this faith community. Whenever possible, students with special needs are included in our regular catechetical programs. We can also adapt classroom materials to their needs for individualized instruction.

We also invite special children to receive the sacraments of First Eucharist and Confirmation. (Depending on the child's abilities, First Reconciliation may also be offered). The United States Catholic Bishops have written a document that explains what is needed to prepare these special children for sacraments. In most cases, these requirements are very simple and adaptable to your child's circumstances. No child should be left out of the opportunity to receive the grace of the sacraments.