Families support a variety of fund raising projects each year. The Calendar Sale is the only one in which school families are required to participate. In the spirit of stewardship, other fund raising projects, while important to the school, are optional. Please support those that are appropriate for you and your family.

We do not encourage our children to sell door-to-door. Product sales are intended for families and friends who have an interest in the product and the benefit of our school.

Each year, PSO works to raise needed money to support the operational budget for our school. Profits from the following fundraisers go directly to pay for operational expenses such as new textbooks. The profit from the following fundraisers go directly to the school:

Calendar Sale

In addition to the major fund raising efforts described above, the PSO conducts smaller fund raising events to support specific school goals. These goals include giving money to each teacher for classroom supplies, funding assemblies for the students, supporting Catholic Schools Week and Teacher Appreciation Week events, and special needs such as equipment for school safety and security. In the past we have purchased computer hardware and software, funded speakers for parenting seminars, purchased reference materials for classroom use and responded to a number of other specific needs. Those fundraisers include:

Great Lakes Scrip
Winter Dance and Silent Auction