This Week's Kindergarten News

Kindergarten Philosophy

We believe that the foundation of successful schooling is formed during the Kindergarten year. We believe the children need to be guided in developing positive attitudes and learning habits. The intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth is of primary importance and the Kindergarten program is designed to support that growth. The Kindergarten program is also designed to be a holistic approach to the education of the child. The children will be taught to live and experience Christian values and morals while in a Christian community. We believe a variety of experiences need to be provided that supply knowledge and assure success at an independent rate for each child.

Goals for Kindergarten (Full Day)
-To provide for all children a pleasurable learning and school experience
-To create for all children a sense of self worth and a sense of belonging to a group
-To develop each child's spirituality and bring them closer to Jesus
-To motivate children in the development of problem solving skills
-To provide a broad range of direct experiences
-To extend the development of the children's attention span and listening skills
-To guide the children in learning independence and self-discipline
-To encourage children to respect people and property
-To evaluate the developmental process of all children within the goals and objectives of the instructional program.

Daily Activities

Our daily routine includes group activities that focus on themes presented throughout the year. The children have the opportunity to share personal experiences with their classmates to promote verbal skills. They have time each day to choose activities of their choice, which develops learning in a fun environment. The class learning centers each day cover the following subjects: Math, Reading, Phonics, Writing, and Religion. There are special classes for Gym, Computer Education and Music. We provide many opportunities for the children to grow and develop in a Christian environment.