Liturgy Committee


The mission of the Liturgy Committee is to assist our priests and other ministers in leading us in worshipping God "in spirit and in truth."  We follow the Church's guidelines, determined by the Pope and our Bishop.  We endeavor to build up the faith of our community through an understanding of our Church's rituals and traditions by finding the most helpful expression of these rituals and traditions. 

We meet on the second Tuesdays of each month at 6:00 pm in the Parish Hall Classroom.

Fr. Nnaso
Deacon John Nelson
Deacon Jerry Ryndak
Roni Schmidt (contact person
Mary Miller
Joe Hahn
Jan Olson
Jim Vaughn
Marty Throop
Deb Ward
Ron Deutsch
Chuck Smith
Ray Oleferchik 
Susan Wiland
If you have any questions for the Liturgy Committee, please contact Roni Schmidt via email.