Pastoral Council


The Pastoral Council meets to discuss, recommend and coordinate the many functions and activities of the parish. It is the consultative body of the parish whose mission is to carry on the work of the Church, both temporal and spiritual. It is a collaborative body representative of the entire parish. More specifically, it is the means whereby the laity:

1. Shares with the Pastor the responsibilities of the parish.
2. Helps the Pastor develop parish vision and goals by studying parish life through researching the needs, ideas and hopes of the people, evaluating the parish's conformity with the Gospel and recommending policies, procedures and programs.
3. Counsels the Pastor in the area of pastoral activities (cf. Canons 528 and 529), for example, Education, Ecumenism, Sacraments, Prayer and Ministries.
4. Brings together the skills and experience of all the people in the parish for the good of all.

Annually, the Pastor takes recommendations for new members from the current Pastoral Council and from the parish at large. The Pastor will then appoint the needed number of persons from the list of recommendations. Members are appointed for a term of 3 years and may serve one consecutive term of 3 years at the Pastor's request.

If you are interested in receiving copies of the minutes of the Pastoral Council meetings, please contact Pastoral Council Chair - Jim Gisseler 630-668-8282 or by email