Stewardship Council


The Stewardship Council is an advisory board to assist the Pastor in the development and awareness, by the Parishioners, of the Time, Talent, and Treasure given to them as a gift from God and the need to return a portion of that gift to God through the Church. How a person responds to the Word of God in his or her own spirit is a personal manner, but eventually the Word must be acted upon in community. The Stewardship Council can ensure that the Word is repeatedly emphasized so as to fertilize understanding. It can help "stewardship" become rooted in the mission of the Church.

Future meetings of the Stewardship Council will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:00pm, in the Parish Hall's lower level. Any parishioner is welcome to attend any meeting.

Mission Statement
The Saint Charles Borromeo Stewardship Council will seek to cultivate a stewardship way of Christian life in our parish by developing and promoting an awareness of the gifts God has given to us, and fostering ways of returning to God an appropriate share of those gifts in the form of time, talent, and treasure, to support our parish and the needs of the community. We will accomplish this by working through parish organizations and ministries, as well as reaching out to every member of the parish.

Stewardship Council Members
Father Nnaso, pastor

Kim Alberth

Dick Bruggeman 

Delores Jacobson

Deborah Vicicondi

Jerry Wiland

Kel Kissamis (Chairperson)

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Stewardship Council or would like more information, please contact Kel Kissamis.

   Kel Kissamis (Chairperson)
   Cell Phone # 847-772-7309