Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee receives names of newly registered parishioners from the Parish Office and sends out a Welcoming Letter to each family. The family may contact the Committee to pre-arrange a convenient time for a visit to welcome the new parishioner/family and deliver a welcome basket containing information about our parish and some welcoming gifts.  If a home visit is not needed, a Welcoming Packet is delivered to the home.  This packet includes many useful items. Often a request is made to have the new parishioner's home blessed and this information will be forwarded to the pastor.  If there are any special needs of the new family, this information can also be ascertained and contacts can be made to assist the new family in any area needed. 

Our Welcoming Committee attends the annual New Parishioner Brunch, and hosts a weekend Hospitality during the year.  

If anyone is interested in joining the Welcoming Committee, please contact Peggy Shannon.