St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church is a parish in the Rockford Diocese of Illinois, serving under the faithful leadership of The Most Reverend David Malloy, Bishop.  Our parish has a rich history with our 125th Anniversary celebrated in 2001.  We have approximately 900 families registered in our parish.  Our parish school is a gem in this rural yet rapidly expanding village.  We invite you to meet our pastor, our staff and read about the events that brought us to this special time in history.



297 E. Jefferson St.

Hampshire, IL 60140


288 Jefferson St.

Hampshire, IL 60140

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Welcome to Family Faith Formation! 

The Religious Education programs of St. Charles Borromeo Parish are attentive to the spiritual formation of all members of the parish faith community.  At every level, we focus on catechesis, fellowship, service and prayer.  As a parish we welcome the people of God; we fulfill our baptismal promise to teach about God in the Catholic tradition; we encourage our community to live the Gospel in service to one another; and we celebrate together as one family in prayer and sacrament.

Family Faith Formation

Jan Olson - Director of Religious Education (DRE)

297 E. Jefferson Street

Hampshire IL 60140

Phone: 847-683-1536

Fax: 847-683-2396

e-mail: janolson@scbparish.org


There are 16 Sessions that families will attend throughout the year.  We offer sessions on both Sunday's and Wednesday's so if you miss your scheduled session, it can be made up on the other day.

Weather Emergencies and Emergency Closings

No closings reported at this time. 


This information may also be viewed in the Parent Handbook.

2019 -2020 Family Faith Formation

  • Sunday family sessions begin on September 15, 2019  

    • Families with Pre K 3 - 8: Sunday family sessions meet from 8:45am to 10:15am.

    • Families will meet at SCB School twice a month and parents will teach chapter on the off weeks not including holidays.  A calendar will be provided.

  • Wednesday family sessions begin on September 11, 2019.

    • Families with Pre K 3 -8:  Wednesday family sessions meet from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. 

    • Families will meet at SCB School twice a month and parents will teach chapter on the off weeks not including holidays.  A calendar will be provided.

Confirmation: Confirmation class for 9th grade will meet 2 Wednesday's a month from 7:00pm to 8:30pm at Dumoulin Farms.  A calendar will be provided.

*Please click the link for the master copy of Family Faith Schedule*


Families must be registered parishioners of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church. Consult the parish boundaries at the Diocesan web site www.rockforddiocese.org or contact the parish office at 847-683-2391.

Families attending catechetical programs must live within our parish boundaries and be registered with the parish as well as the Religious Education Office.

We do not offer online enrollment yet, but you may print the form below. Families new to St. Charles Borromeo catechetical programs are invited to call the R/E office for additional information, and you'll need to print out and complete the supplemental registration form for new families found below and will need to set up a meeting with Father Nnaso.

**Please note: All tuition and book fees from 2018/19 must be paid in full before
enrollment for the new school year will be accepted.

If you are experiencing hardship conditions, please contact Father Nnaso
847-683-2931 (ext. 17) to discuss options.

What does Family Faith Formation look like?

  • A parish-based program that enriches the faith of the entire family

  • Twice a month grades pre-k through 8th will come to the parish with their parents (at least one): Parents will hear from speakers while the kids go to their own faith formation class

  • 2x a month, parents will do at home lessons with their family (30-45 minute lessons in place of weekly Religious Education)

  • Seasonal activities will be an opportunity to bring all families together! From family Adoration, to the Sacrament of Reconciliation,  a Family Living Rosary, Movie Night and more! 

 Why Family Faith Formation?

  • Studies show that parents are the MOST IMPORTANT element in a child’s faith-life. This is why the Church asks parents, at their child’s Baptism, to accept the responsibility of forming their child in the practice of the faith. Family Faith Formation is designed to give you the tools and confidence to live that promise!

  • Family Faith Formation will allow the parents to experience community in the parish, find support among other Catholic parents, and learn, experience, and grow in their own faith along with their children!

  • Is it hard to get here every week? Family Faith Formation gives YOU the flexibility you need to deepen your family’s faith together at a time most convenient for YOU.

  • The adult Faith enrichment portion with speakers is open to all adults in our parish which will help develop greater community.