Welcome to Family Faith Formation! 

The Religious Education programs of St. Charles Borromeo Parish are attentive to the spiritual formation of all members of the parish faith community.  At every level, we focus on catechesis, fellowship, service and prayer.  As a parish we welcome the people of God; we fulfill our baptismal promise to teach about God in the Catholic tradition; we encourage our community to live the Gospel in service to one another; and we celebrate together as one family in prayer and sacrament.

Family Faith Formation

Jan Olson - Director of Religious Education (DRE)

297 E. Jefferson Street

Hampshire IL 60140

Phone: 847-683-1536

Fax: 847-683-2396

e-mail: janolson@scbparish.org

Registration for FFF 2020-2021

Family Sessions begin on Sunday, September 13th. Sessions end in May 2020.

*Please note a schedule change for Sunday Sessions.*

Session Days and Times 

Due to COVID19, Wednesday classes will not be provided this year. 

16 Sundays, 8:45 – 10:15am Families in Pre K through 8 - Meet at our parish school/Calendar will be provided.

Homeschool/Virtual learning is available. Please view the informational Document listed below. 

Parents will teach chapters to their children on the off weeks. Please view or download the calendar below.

Enrolling Your Family 1. Complete both sides of the registration form and submit, along with payment, to the RE office. 

a. Please include an e-mail address. b. A minimum of 50% is due at the time of enrollment. 

Enrollment cannot be accepted without payment. c. Submit the form and payment via: 

In person at the parish office or Mail to: 297 E. Jefferson Avenue in Hampshire IL 60140 Collection basket, in an envelope marked RE Office 

2. Late Payment Fees will be applied to unpaid balances beginning November 1, 2020. 

a. November and December fee is $5.00 per month. b. Beginning in January, the fee increases to $10.00 per month until the balance has been paid in full. 

**Please note: All tuition and book fees from 2019/20 must be paid in full before enrollment for the new school year will be accepted. If you are experiencing hardship conditions, please contact Father Nnaso 847-683-2931 (ext. 17) to discuss options. 

Sacramental Preparation Years First Reconciliation and First Communion Celebrated during the second grade.

Enrollment in 1st and 2nd grades is required to celebrate these sacraments. 2nd grade will be taught in four class sessions a month: 

1. 2 classes will be held on Sunday mornings 2. 2 held in the parish hall on Wednesdays nights. Calendar will be 

provided. All 2nd grade whether in person or homeschool is recommended to attend the Wednesday one hour class in the parish hall. 

Confirmation Celebration occurs at the end of Freshman year. Enrollment in the 8th grade year is essential and highly encouraged for entrance into the 9th grade. In this year the students will enter into the Mystery of the Sacraments, ministry and service. Freshman year consists of 16 sessions, Virtual online Event/Conference and Retreat. An enrollment form for the 9th grade was emailed home. Do not use the standard enrollment form for Freshmen. 


Option 1: 9th Grade Confirmation only - meets at Dumoulin Farms 

1. Two Wednesdays a month, 7:00 – 8:30pm 2. Chapters and videos are done at home on the off weeks. 3. A Calendar will be provided with class dates. 


Option 2: 9th Grade Confirmation Homeschool/Virtual is available. 

1. All chapters and videos are done at home. 2. Adult lead small group either virtual “ gotomeeting” or zoom or in 

person at SCB School will be once a month. 

What does Family Faith Formation look like?

  • A parish-based program that enriches the faith of the entire family

  • Twice a month grades pre-k through 8th will come to the parish with their parents (at least one): Parents will hear from speakers while the kids go to their own faith formation class

  • 2x a month, parents will do at home lessons with their family (30-45 minute lessons in place of weekly Religious Education)

  • Seasonal activities will be an opportunity to bring all families together! From family Adoration, to the Sacrament of Reconciliation,  a Family Living Rosary, Movie Night and more! 

 Why Family Faith Formation?

  • Studies show that parents are the MOST IMPORTANT element in a child’s faith-life. This is why the Church asks parents, at their child’s Baptism, to accept the responsibility of forming their child in the practice of the faith. Family Faith Formation is designed to give you the tools and confidence to live that promise!

  • Family Faith Formation will allow the parents to experience community in the parish, find support among other Catholic parents, and learn, experience, and grow in their own faith along with their children!

  • Is it hard to get here every week? Family Faith Formation gives YOU the flexibility you need to deepen your family’s faith together at a time most convenient for YOU.

  • The adult Faith enrichment portion with speakers is open to all adults in our parish which will help develop greater community.


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church is a parish in the Rockford Diocese of Illinois, serving under the faithful leadership of The Most Reverend David Malloy, Bishop.  Our parish has a rich history with our 125th Anniversary celebrated in 2001.  We have approximately 900 families registered in our parish.  Our parish school is a gem in this rural yet rapidly expanding village.  We invite you to meet our pastor, our staff and read about the events that brought us to this special time in history.



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