*Registration in the parish is required for Sacraments and Education Programs*



All parents and parents-to-be are encouraged to contact the Parish Office in a timely fashion.  Baptism classes are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm in the Parish Hall by pre-arrangement with the Baptism team. 




Traditionally, young people in our parish receive First Holy Communion in Second Grade  See Religious Education/Faith Formation/Sacrament for specific dates and requirements for this Sacrament. 




Young men and women of the parish receive Confirmation in the 9th grade or as Freshmen in High School.  See Religious Education/Faith Formation/Sacrament for specific dates and requirements for this Sacrament.





Contact Fr. Nnaso before setting your wedding date.  Wedding prep classes begin six months prior to actual date.




Please call the parish office if a loved one is seriously ill or in the hospital. 

      Annointing Masses are scheduled for:

          May 19 and 20, 2018

          July 21 and 22, 2018

          September 15 and 16, 2018

          November 17 and 18, 2018




Wednesdays 9:15-9:45am and Saturdays: 4:00-4:30 pm
Please feel free to call to make an appointment with Fr. Nnaso.



First Reconciliation: our second graders receive their First Reconciliation before reception of their First Holy Communion.  See Religious Education/Faith Formation for specific dates and requirements for this Sacrament. 


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church is a parish in the Rockford Diocese of Illinois, serving under the faithful leadership of The Most Reverend David Malloy, Bishop.  Our parish has a rich history with our 125th Anniversary celebrated in 2001.  We have approximately 900 families registered in our parish.  Our parish school is a gem in this rural yet rapidly expanding village.  We invite you to meet our pastor, our staff and read about the events that brought us to this special time in history.



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