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The Parents

"The initiation of children into the sacramental life is, for the most part, the responsibility and concern of Christian parents.   They are to form and gradually develop a spirit of faith in the children, and with the help of catechetical institutions, prepare them for the fruitful reception of the Sacraments...This responsibility of the parents is also shown by their active participation in the celebration of the Sacraments."  (Rite of Confirmatino #3)


Sacramental Preparation

Sacramental preparation in grades 1-8 builds on the faith sharing which begins when parents attend Baptism preparation classes before the birth of their child. From that point on, families are in the process of bringing their children into the sacramental life of the church. Part of the process for children and young people who are preparing for the Sacraments of Initiation (Baptism, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation) is to be a part of the formation program in the parish religious education program or parochial school. The parish community, along with each child's family, takes responsibility for preparing children from Baptism through Confirmation to complete the process of becoming full, participating members of the Catholic Church. 

First Reconciliation and First Holy Eucharist

Reconciliation and Eucharist are celebrated in the second grade. Enrollment in grades 1 and 2 is necessary for the two year sacramental preparation program. Children from our Religious Education Program celebrate First Reconciliation and First Eucharist with children from St. Charles Borromeo School.

Families are an integral part of the preparation.  Parent gatherings are held before each sacrament.  

 First Reconciliation will be held on December 9, 2016 at 7 pm in the church.

The parent only meeting for First Reconciliation will be held in the Parish Hall on October 13, 2016, from 7:00-8:00pm following the 6:30pm Mass. All are encouraged to attend the Mass. Benediction at 6:20pm

The parent & child meeting for First Holy Communion will be held in the Parish Hall on February 2, 2017, from 7:00-8:00pm following the 6:30pm Mass. All are encouraged to attend the Mass. Benediction at 6:20pm

Sacramental preparation programs are also available for children who are older than the traditional age.  Click here to learn more.



Note to 8th Grade Parents about the Sacrament of Confirmation:

There seem to be many questions about this sacrament, so we are hoping to clarify a few things:

It is a tradition at SCB Parish to confirm our teens in the 9th grade and in order to follow the recommendations of the Rockford Diocese we are returning to and practicing a two year Confirmation preparation for our teens.

What is Confirmation? “Confirmation is an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that leaves a permanent imprint on the soul, completes Christian initiation, and empowers us to be witnesses to Christ.” CCC1302-1305

It affirms our identity as Children of God * It unites us more firmly in Christ * It increases in us the Gifts of the Holy Spirit * It strengthens our bond with the Church * It strengthens us to spread and defend the Faith by our words and actions.

The confirmation program at St. Charles Borromeo is a two year formation process.  Recognizing that teens learn in a different way, and are bombarded with technology, the Decision Point and Chosen programs are multi-sensory with video, discussion and activities.  The focus is not on knowing about God but more of developing a personal relationship with Christ.

The first year (8th grade year) students work through the Decision Point series of 12 lessons.  The school 8th grade will receive these lessons throughout their school year in the classroom.  The Family Faith Formation 8th grade will receive these lessons throughout the year during Family Faith Formation in the classroom.

The second year (9th grade) teens work through the Chosen series of 24 lessons.  These classes meet approximately 2x/month starting in the fall on Wednesday evenings from 7-8:30pm at the Dumoulin Farms. If your teen would like to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation, please sign up NOW for the fall program.  Confirmation is not celebrated through Catholic high schools.


A registration form will be posted here on the website soon. Please complete the registration for your teen to be included in the 2019/20 class.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the religious education office at 847-683-1536 or stop in the office at any time.


St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church is a parish in the Rockford Diocese of Illinois, serving under the faithful leadership of The Most Reverend David Malloy, Bishop.  Our parish has a rich history with our 125th Anniversary celebrated in 2001.  We have approximately 900 families registered in our parish.  Our parish school is a gem in this rural yet rapidly expanding village.  We invite you to meet our pastor, our staff and read about the events that brought us to this special time in history.



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